Our App Features

Beautifully implemented

Stunning imagery to inspire and relax.

Age old methods

Affirmations are a proven age old method to personal improvement.

Custom Affirmations

The key to good affirmations are to make them personal.

Up to 10 different backgrounds

Some of the most beautiful images of nature were selected to make sure you enjoy the experience.

Custom reminders

The key to making affirmations work is the repetitiveness, let the app remind you in the morning, evening or anytime.


10 preset affirmations to help get you started. The app also includes posts about the science behind effective affirmations.

The new way

Me, But Better is a simple Affirmation app, it enables you to write your personal affirmations, goals or gratitudes these can then scheduled to notify you at your preferred time. If you are a morning person you can set them for 6am, or if you prefer to do gratitudes at the end of the day you can set the reminder for the evening.

There are 12 beautiful images and 12 preset affirmations in the app, but the true value is felt in the personalising your affirmation.

The app was created as a tool, because we wanted to use it ourselves so we hope you get as much use out of it as we do and we hope it changes your life.

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Take a look to see how you can use the Me, But Better app to help sculp a better you.

What is an Affirmation?

Me, But Better was created to be a tool for people like you who want to improve themselves and achieve more in their lives. An affirmation is a proven way of programming your mind so that you think and behave in ways that support your personal success. Affirmations are an…

The Science of Affirmations

Self-Affirmations, as they are widely called are an ancient tool that have been a component of religious and spiritual practises throughout the ages. More recently they have been embraced by sports coaches, life coaches and motivational speakers the world over because of the scientific proof that they work. Studies in…

Goal Setting

Me, But Better can be used for Affirmations like “I keep my body healthy by eating good food”. However there are other uses for Me, But Better, it can be used to affirm personal goals. Goal setting is a very important part of the Affirmation balanced diet. Goals are things…

Gratitudes on Me, But Better

Are you grateful for where you are in life? Are you amazed at how great your kids are, do you have a fantastic spouse? Do you realise how amazing it is that your body breaths in 23,000 times a day and you are barely aware of it? Isn’t it amazing…

Successful Business Affirmation