Are you grateful for where you are in life? Are you amazed at how great your kids are, do you have a fantastic spouse? Do you realise how amazing it is that your body breaths in 23,000 times a day and you are barely aware of it? Isn’t it amazing that this little blue marble of a planet can sustain life and you are one of it’s inhabitants. If you think about it we all have something to be grateful for. No one has a perfect life and not everyone will have health or a brilliant family or job situation to be thankful for, but every one of us could find something if we look hard enough. So you can use Me, But Better to be grateful for the good things in life and you can also use Gratitudes for the things you have not yet experienced. 

Taking stock of what you do have and being able to be thankful for that seems to free up some space in your mind to enable you to be a little more altruistic, which often leads to new experiences and opportunities and who knows where they might lead.


Some examples of Gratitudes;


I am thankful for my beautiful wife and children.


I am grateful that I am free to make my own choices in life.


I am surrounded by brilliant friends and family.


I am thankful for the abundant wealth I have been entrusted with.

(You can use this even if you do not have significant wealth right now).


If you do not currently use Gratitudes I would urge you to try as they are crucial in this fast-paced, consumer driven, self-oriented world.