Me, But Better can be used for Affirmations like “I keep my body healthy by eating good food”. However there are other uses for Me, But Better, it can be used to affirm personal goals. Goal setting is a very important part of the Affirmation balanced diet. Goals are things that are set for the future that could be sport or financial related, maybe you have a family goal or a learning goal. Below are a few examples of the typical affirmations that would fall into the Goals category.


I have 8k in savings.


I am a confident runner and can run 10k in 40mins.


I have a clear vision and direction for my business over the next 12 months.


I am a fluent Spanish speaker and converse regularly with my Spanish colleagues.


Goals are events/situations that are usually where you want to be, not where you currently are. You should use the present tense and positive words when constuction your Goal Affirmations. This is a hypothetical example of a Goal Affirmation;
I am the Production Director of £3m T/O company, I live in Manor House, I drive a Range Rover and holiday regularly with my Family.

This example illustrates a crucial point about being specific in your Affirmations. The Production Director is the next big promotion of this hypothetical mid-level Manager. Manor House is a beautiful house in an area where he would love to live and he has always seen himself in his dream car, a Range Rover, the promotion would unlock the finances to allow this to be fulfilled. He has a young family and so to counter overworking to achieve the promotion, holidaying regularly with his family is a crucial balance he wants to achieve.


So to sum up, be specific and use present tense and positive wording in your Goal Affirmations.