Firstly thanks for downloading Me But Better we feel quite fortunate that you have chosen to use our app.

Me, But Better was created to help people

Donations go towards keeping the app up to date, ongoing server and app store costs, and also help speed up the addition of features requested by our users. Currently the app has been built with our own money for the greater good, and we’ll try to continue to do so however we can only dedicate so much time whilst we also run our own businesses, so to anyone that is willing to help, you can speed everything up for everyone, and we’ll even give you credit on the karma wall!

Current features we are building:

  1. More images to choose from
  2. More control of the reminders function and timing
  3. More inspirations
  4. Better stats for you to analyse your progress
  5. …We love new ideas so feel free to let us know if you have a specific request!

Donation form

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If you find that you’re not ready to donate just yet, that is totally fine, and if you’d still like to help us, then leaving us a nice review and a rating on the app store would be really appreciated.

If you are able to donate, we will put your name on the karma wall so that you can take pride in your good will.